Testmaker is an online facility capable of facilitating its customers with the best services regarding education. It is mainly designed to help the teachers to prepare tests of different classes with a variety of options. Here even students can take advantage and make their own assessments after learning. We are living in the time where getting best grades is important for a glorious future. Grades can only be achieved by continuous learning and evaluation. For this purpose tests are very important as they play a significant role in identifying student’s problem areas where special attention is required and for that multiple tests are necessary.

Testmaker is the solution to all your paper generating problems. We are introducing two major level tests: Advanced and Exercise Based. In Advanced level tests all types of questions will be asked including conceptual ones while the exercise based tests will only be made from the exercise questions of the textbooks. Also the tests can be made from one or more chapters.

Our special feature is the manual selection of questions. You can select questions of your choice from our database. Where others only provide random automatically generated papers, we not only generate random papers but also give you access to make paper as you desire. The papers will consist of the number of section of your selection. Our database comprises of a vast range of subjective and objective questions necessarily required for a proper and appropriate evaluation of knowledge.

Currently we are working on many projects like online lectures, data of intermediate classes and many other private publications. These will be uploaded soon.